We use world class technology in a holistic process to create sustainable legacies.


The company started off in 1999 as an individual owned Closed Corporation that operated under the AGES brand. The core focus of the business at its start was that of ground water and ground water supply consulting. Building from this speciality, and responding to a shifting industry, an environmental sustainability unit was later established.

Exigo now has an Africa–wide reach and has established a strong network of partners across the industry and is trusted to deliver the most innovative, flexible solutions, whilst mitigating risks and optimising economic benefit. As a result, long-term relationships are built with its clients.

During 2014 we diverged from AGES and rebranded as Exigo.

Exigo is a level 1 BBBEE Company.

The name Exigo is derived from Greek, meaning to examine, weigh, assess and settle or complete. We examine, weigh, and assess economic, environmental and social requirements to find the most sustainable and profitable solution for our clients – we settle the tension between all these requirements.


Exigo has an association with the Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) (www.dhigroup.com) which enables us to do specialised surface water modelling using the Mike series of modelling software and integrated surface water and groundwater modelling with MikeSHE®.
MikeSHE can be used to perform simulations on complex surface water – groundwater interactions on time steps as detailed as hourly or daily. It enables the performing of dynamic mine water flow balances where surface water and groundwater play a major role.

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In the tension between social, economic and environmental needs, we find the innovative, value driving sustainable solutions.

We apply our range of technical and scientific skills utilizing world class technology in a holistic process to create sustainable legacies.

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